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Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy in Abu Dhabi
(Key-Hole Surgery)


Video-assisted thoracic surgery (Key hole surgery) or Video Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery In Abu Dhabi is a novel concept in which the surgeon performs the “same operation” as in open surgery but without the large incisions associated with open surgery. When compared to traditional open-chest surgery, this is a much less invasive method of removing lung tissue.

VAT is only performed by thoracic surgeons who hold end-to-end expertise in the same. Our cardiothoracic expert Dr Taj Chowdhry is a highly specialised surgeon in the domain of Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery In Abu Dhabi.

Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy in Abu Dhabi

What is Video Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery In Abu Dhabi?

VAT is a surgical procedure that is performed on the chest and lungs. It is also known as ‘keyhole’ surgery as it is carried out through 2 to 4 small incisions, most of which are less than an inch long. The remaining small incisions are for surgical instruments.

VAT Surgery in Abu Dhabi makes use of a specialized instrument known as a thoracoscope. VATS makes use of a specialized instrument known as a thoracoscope. This is a thin, tube-like instrument with a light that shines from the end that is inserted into the patient. It also sends images to an eyepiece or video display, allowing the surgeon to see into the chest cavity.

VAT Key-Hole Surgery In Abu Dhabi by Dr Taj Chowdhry

Dr Taj performs most of his surgeries using Keyhole Surgery in Abu Dhabi, utilizing an incision that is no longer than three finger breadths. Initially, he starts the incision with two finger breadths, but due to soft tissue retraction, the resulting incision is slightly larger. The single-incision keyhole approach has become their standard method for major lung resections.

However, it is important to note that not all patients are suitable for keyhole surgery. Those with central cancers that require reconstruction of a major airway or blood vessel will still undergo surgery through a formal open approach known as a thoracotomy. Additionally, if the keyhole approach is not feasible for technical reasons or if any difficulties arise during the surgery, the surgeon may convert to an open thoracotomy to ensure the safest continuation of the operation.

Despite the small incision size, a significant amount can be accomplished using the keyhole approach. The surgeon performs various procedures, including pleural biopsy, lung biopsy, surgery for pleural effusion, pneumothorax, and major lung resections, all with just one keyhole.

Patients often express curiosity about how so much can be done through such a small incision.


The medical team at Dr Taj’s does not discharge the patients just within two days as part of a government initiative or to meet a specific target for reducing hospital length of stay. However, their primary goal is to ensure patients become pain-free and reach a sufficient level of recovery, giving them the option to choose to go home within two days if they desire. After the VAT Surgery in Abu Dhabi, their aim is for patients to experience minimal pain and have the removal of drainage devices by the morning. It’s important to note that while this outcome is strived for in all patients, it may not be achieved for everyone.

Keyhole Surgery for Non-Malignant Lung Pathologies

VATS is only useful for pulmonary nodules that are too small or too far away from the visceral pleura to be palpable or detectable with Thoracoscopy. The benefit is frequently well-considered for nodules of 20mm or less in size.

VAT Surgery in Abu Dhabi is often combined with a CT scan that aids in the effective removal of lung nodules.

Keyhole Surgery for Biopsies

The presentation and symptoms of lung pathologies vary greatly. Patients may visit a surgeon for acute or chronic lung diseases. Absolute pathologies are frequently difficult to diagnose using radiological interventions. Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is a common example. A lung biopsy may be required in such cases to determine the severity and extent of the disease. A thorough evaluation assists the surgeon in developing an appropriate surgical plan. A thoracoscopic lung biopsy is possible.

Thoracoscopy for biopsy is now regarded as a viable and effective strategy. It improves vision, reduces patient disability, and provides a wider range of biopsy sites with better outcomes.

Benefits of Video Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery In Abu Dhabi

Among several benefits of Video Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery in Abu Dhabi, here are some of them:

  • Patients require less pain medication after their operation.
  • Scarring is reduced because only two to four small incisions are required, as opposed to a six to ten-inch incision for open-chest surgery.
  • VATS results in faster recovery. Many people are back to their normal activities in about a week, whereas open-chest surgery requires four to six weeks of recovery.

Dr Taj Chowdhry-
A veteran in the field of Video Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery in Abu Dhabi.

With more than 15 years of experience and an impressive track record, he is one of the most sought-after VAT surgeons in his field. His dedication to patient care and innovation has made a lasting impact and has earned him respect from colleagues and patients alike. He continues to be an inspiration for aspiring medical professionals who want to make a difference in their chosen careers.

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